Fortnite Find The Force Quests: How To Unlock Darth Maul And Other Star Wars Skins


If there’s one thing you can count on with Fortnite, it’s that there will regularly be new Star Wars content to check out–and that trend continues with the current Find the Force event that runs until May 23. For nearly a full month, players can dive in and score new lightsabers, wield powerful Force abilities, and even meet the holograms of some of the franchise’s most beloved Jedi. For many players, it’s unlocking the new Darth Maul skin that will be the focal point.

All of this cool new Star Wars-themed content comes with a fresh selection of quests to complete to unlock a variety of unique cosmetics from a galaxy far, far away. Every few days, the game will update with new Find the Force quests to complete, earning you Galactic Reputation (GR) that is used to unlock these goodies, so use our handy guide here to prepare yourself for what you need to do.

Remember that in order to unlock Darth Maul, you’ll need to first buy the premium event pass for 1,000 V-Bucks ($8), then amass a total of 11,000 GR during the event. Along the way, you’ll also unlock three other Star Wars skins, each one representing a different style of a Clone Trooper.

Embrace the Dark Side with the Darth Maul skin, available until May 23.
Embrace the Dark Side with the Darth Maul skin, available until May 23.

With several quests already in the game, you can get going now and be well on your way to unlocking the villain before he’s gone for good–though Epic did mention it may decide to sell these items later, but who knows when that will be?

All Find the Force quests

The Force Within

  • Land during Find the Force (1) – 200 GR
  • Learn Force abilities at Rift Gates in different matches (3) – 200 GR
  • Search a Republic chest (1) – 200 GR
  • Hire a character (1) – 200 GR
  • Damage an enemy player that is wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster (1) – 200 GR
  • Destroy objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars weapon (50) – 200 GR
  • Collect ammo at named locations (250) – 200 GR
  • Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon (2) – 200 GR
  • Travel distance on foot at night (500) – 200 GR
  • Travel distance in vehicles (1,338) – 200 GR
  • Survive Storm Phases (25) – 250 GR
  • Travel distance while sprinting (1,000) – 250 GR

Begun the Clone Wars Have

These quests will unlock on May 7.

Fall of the Republic

These quests will unlock on May 12.

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