Fortnite’s Star Wars Event Adds Force Powers, Mini Battle Pass, And A Free Skin


Epic Games and Lucasfilm are pulling out all the stops this May the 4th with the Find the Force event in Fortnite. This three-week extravaganza is all about the prequels, adding skins for Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Darth Maul and six different clone troopers, several of which can be unlocked in a mini-battle pass that includes both free and paid rewards. All of this comes alongside a host of new Star Wars-inspired gameplay features to Battle Royale, including Force powers and a much more accurate new blaster rifle.

And, oh yeah–lightsabers are back, plus Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Darth Maul are now roaming the island.

Fortnite’s item shop has already been updated with four new Star Wars skins: Anakin, Padme, and a pair of Clone Troopers: the 501st Trooper and a 212th Battalion Trooper. Beyond that, this update also added skins for Darth Maul and four other clone troopers, which are obtainable by completing Find the Force quests.

Darth Maul is finally in Fortnite, but only for a few weeks.
Darth Maul is finally in Fortnite, but only for a few weeks.


Find The Force event pass

The Find the Force event comes with an event rewards track similar to the Dragon Ball Z event last summer, or the Most Wanted event a couple months back. It’s akin to a battle pass in that you unlock rewards as you progress through the track, but instead of using XP to progress, you have to complete the event quests to earn Galactic Reputation to level up.

Unlike those two past events, Find the Force has a premium track that you have to pay 1,000 V-Bucks to unlock. The basic Clone Trooper skin is the final reward on the free track. If you buy the premium track, you’ll get the Coruscant Guard skin immediately, and the final premium reward is the Darth Maul skin. You’ll also earn the Wolf Pack Trooper and the Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper skins along the way from the premium track, in addition to several other cosmetics that you can earn on the premium and free tracks.

The quests you’ll need to complete to unlock these skins will come in three main groups. The first group of quests is live now, with a second group coming on May 7, and a third on May 12. If you complete at least 12 quests from each of these groups, you’ll earn the Sith Infiltrator glider. The Sith Infiltrator, in case you’re wondering, is Maul’s ship that we saw him use in The Phantom Menace. There will also be a fourth wave of quests that won’t help you earn that glider, but will help you complete the reward tracks.

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Unlike a normal season battle pass, nothing here should be considered exclusive to the event. In the fine print, Epic specifically has reserved the right to sell the event rewards in the item shop later.

New weapons

On top of all that, Fortnite’s Battle Royale is getting an injection of all-new Star Wars gameplay mechanics, including Force powers and the new, longer-ranged DC-15 rifle that’ll make you a lot more accurate than a stormtrooper.

To learn the ways of the Force you’ll need training, and to get training you’ll need to find one of Obi-Wan, Anakin or Darth Maul. Accept their training, and you’ll get a lightsaber that matches the color of your teacher’s blade, and Force abilities that you can use any time you have that lightsaber out for the remainder of the match–or until you drop the lightsaber or die.

Which powers you have will depend on your teacher. Obi-Wan will teach you Force Push, and Anakin will teach you Force Pull–these can be used on both objects and players. Darth Maul, meanwhile, will teach you Force Throw. But that one is for objects only–you can’t Force Throw other players.

Earn this wrap via Discord or in-game.
Earn this wrap via Discord or in-game.

This has been a lot, but there’s still one more thing: a new Discord quest that will net you the Coruscant’s Pride wrap on completion. There are two ways to complete this quest: by streaming Fortnite to a Discord friend for 15 minutes, or by completing an in-game objective given in the Find the Force text channel on the official Fortnite Discord.

The Find the Force event runs until May 23.

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