Get 7 Highly Rated PC Games For $20 This Month


For anyone looking to grab some new games for their PC or Steam Deck, Fanatical’s November Platinum Collection bundle offers the chance to get a bunch for cheap. There are some real gems in this build-your-own bundle and three tiers to choose from: three highly rated games for $10, five games for $15, or seven games for $20 in this collection.

One of the standout titles here is Inertial Drift, a racing game inspired by the art of burning rubber as you tear around hairpin turns. It’s inspired by ’90s arcade racing games and has a unique twin-stick drifting experience where you’ll have to master the nuances of drifting. It’s also Steam Deck Verified so you can install it and start playing right away.

Another standout is Land Above Sea Below, a charming strategy game focused on building an island and expanding it before rising sea levels claim it. A landscape builder, puzzle, and strategy game all in a single package, it has a chill atmosphere and challenging gameplay that makes it a treat to play. For anyone looking for a more action-packed adventure, there’s the hard-hitting power of Aeon Must Die. This relentless and stylish action game is built around risk-reward gameplay and packs a visual punch.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a heartfelt, minimalistic platforming game that can be finished in one or two sittings. For rhythm fans, check out Rhythm Sprout, a fast-paced and colorful action game with catchy tunes. If you like metroidvanias, the hack-and-slash adventure Minoria is definitely worth checking out.

Other highlights include the nostalgic action-adventure Pumpkin Jack, narrative-driven exploration game In Other Waters, and spiders with laser-swords in SpiderHeck. You can see the full list below. For more PC game deals, check out Fanatical’s massive Birthday Bash sale and Humble’s Warner Bros. bundle that includes games in the Mortal Kombat, Batman, and Lord of the Rings franchises.

Fanatical November Platinum Bundle

  • Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Inertial Drift (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Land Above Sea Below
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Steam Deck Verified)
  • SpiderHeck (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Spacelines from the Far Out
  • Aeon Must Die!
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Soundfall (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Pumpkin Jack (Steam Deck Verified)
  • In Other Waters (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Syberia: The World Before (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Minoria (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Industria (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Neo Cab / Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Double Pack (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Tinkertown (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Roadwarden (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Kingdom Two Crowns (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Founders’ Fortune (Steam Deck Verified)

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