You’ve Never Seen Weird Al Like This: UHF Finally Comes To 4K Blu-ray


The 1989 cult comedy classic UHF, starring a young Wierd Al Yankovic, is finally getting the 4K Blu-ray treatment this summer to coincide with its 35th anniversary. The new release will include plenty of special features to enjoy along with the new 4K remastering. UHF’s 4K Blu-ray version drops on July 2, but you can preorder your copy now at Amazon.

In UHF, Weird Al Yankovich plays the manager of a struggling local TV station, Channel 62, who manages to juice the ratings by putting on a bunch of random weird and stupid shows. When this tactic works spectacularly, a bigger rival station takes notice and then tries to take over Channel 62, leading to all sorts of fun hijinks. The movie has maintained a cult following in the 35 years since its release and is also notable as Yankovic’s first–and only–leading role in a movie.

A bunch of other cult flicks is getting 4K Blu-ray releases soon, including the American live-action version of the tokusatsu classic The Guyver and the often-overlooked RoboCop 2. Meanwhile, fans of irreverent comedies can preorder the upcoming 4K versions of The South Park Movie and Team America: World Police.