Two New Pokemon Squishmallows Are Available At Amazon


Two new Pokemon Squishmallows based on the adorable Clefairy and Teddiursa are now available at Amazon for the first time. Both 14-inch collectible plushes are official products licensed by the Pokemon company. While the Teddiursa and Clefairy Squishmallows first launched in 2023, this is the first time they’ve been available on Amazon, and you can grab them for $25 each. Plushies are staples for Valentine’s Day, and these will arrive in plenty of time to gift to the Pokemon fan in your life.

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Like other Squishmallows, the Terriursa and Clefairy plushes are made with super soft fabric and stuffing but are machine washer safe, and come with a special tag proving they’re official Squishmallows.

There are many more Squishmallows available at Amazon, including more from the official Pokemon collection like Snorlax, Gengar, Piplup, Togepii, and three versions based on the series’ iconic mascot Pikachu. Check the links below for all the variants available, or browse the official Squishmallows Amazon store page for even more.