The Peter Griffin/Fortnite Leak Has Fans Thrilled


Thanks to a recent leak, we now know that Peter Griffin will be a part of the battle pass for Fortnite Chapter 5. The leak confirms a years-long theory surrounding the Family Guy protagonist coming to Fortnite, which began when dataminers found images of Peter Griffin in the game’s files back in 2021.

While there isn’t much information to go off of other than the leaked image of Peter standing heroically off to the side, it hasn’t stopped people from expressing how excited they are to have him as a playable character. People are joking on X/Twitter that we can finally see Peter go toe-to-toe with characters such as Goku, or how funny it would be to see him team up with the Decepticons to get a crown.

It’s also worth pointing out that Peter isn’t the only character joining Fortnite for Chapter 5. Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be joining the island, too, but a lot of the jokes seem to be centered around Peter being a playable character.

Fortnite is no stranger when it comes to crossovers, either. Just recently, Epic added Eminem and characters from Invincible to the game.

If you look up “Peter Griffin Fortnite” on Twitter, you’ll find various tweets from fans expressing how funny it will be to see Peter come to the island. Here are some of the best takes we’ve seen about everyone’s favorite Family Guy coming to Fortnite.

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