Starfield – Can You Pilot Starborn Ships


The Starfield Starborn ships have sleek, futuristic designs, and they pack quite a punch. Still, given that you already encounter numerous hostile factions, you might be wondering if it’s possible to acquire these vessels. Our guide discusses if it’s possible to obtain and pilot Starborn ships in Starfield. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

Can you acquire and pilot Starborn ships in Starfield

Yes, you can certainly pilot Starborn ships in Starfield, but only once you begin a New Game Plus run. You can learn more about all the mechanics and facets regarding the mode in our NG+ guide.

Starborn ships in the main campaign

In the “main” campaign, you’ll definitely fight a lot of Starborn, starting from a mission called All That Money Can Buy. You can increase the chance of spawns depending on where you build the Armillary. Likewise, it’s possible to spot Starborn ships landing on planets, with several of them guarding the vessel.

Sadly, you simply won’t have access to these spacecraft:

  • Even if you disable a Starborn ship’s engine’s, there’s no button prompt to dock and board.
  • If destroyed, the ship will simply vanish.
  • On a planet, you can climb up a vessel’s slanted wings. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to interact with the door that leads to the interior.


Whether you find them in space (left) or on a planet’s surface (right), there’s no way to acquire a Starborn ship during your initial campaign.

Your own Starborn Guardian II ship in New Game Plus

However, once you start your NG+ run, you’ll wake up in a Starfield Starborn ship–you’re now a full-fledged multi-dimensional traveler, after all. Here are the ship’s stats:

  • Reactor: Class-A
  • Crew capacity: 5
  • Cargo size: 950/150 shielded
  • Jump: 30 light years
  • Shield: 630
  • Weapon systems: Solar Flare Beam (SOL) 24; Gravity Torpedo (TOR) 70
Just look at that bad boy.
Just look at that bad boy.

Here are some additional tips once you’re flying your own Starborn ship in Starfield:

  • Don’t worry about having only two weapons: the Solar Flare Beam shoots rapid-fire blasts, and the Gravity Torpedo deals a lot of damage.
  • The ship has amazing speed and maneuverability to the extent that you can cross a 1,000-kilometer distance in less than two seconds when you boost.
  • The thruster boost also engages the spacecraft’s cloaking device, which causes hostiles to lose their target lock.
  • Ship technician NPCs will often marvel upon seeing your ship. Also, those doing scans in orbit will be surprised whenever they see you.
  • The biggest downside is that this is a highly-advanced spacecraft, which means none of the human vendors have parts for it. You can’t upgrade it, and you can’t replace its modules.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Starborn ship in Starfield. As you venture onward in New Game Plus, don’t forget to check our guides on skipping the main quest and meeting the Starborn Trader.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.

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