Ooblets Tips For Beginners: A Guide To Getting Started, Spending Wishes, And More


Ooblets has hit its 1.0 release after a period of early access. This farming/life simulation management game combines the experience of revitalizing a small town with the collection aspects of Pokemon. While Ooblets is a relaxed experience, the game isn’t always clear about its mechanics and some important pieces of information are obscured. Here’s everything you need to know to get started on your journey in Ooblets.

The vast majority of tasks aren’t time sensitive

Ooblets has you move to a new town, without a job or any money. In exchange for an abandoned farm, you agree to help Mayor Tinstle fix up the town. Quickly, you will have a laundry list of tasks, which can feel overwhelming. It’s important to note that none of those tasks are time sensitive.

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There are, in fact, only two things that are time sensitive in Ooblets: Challenges and Ooblets. The available Challenges to improve the Wildlands will rotate every couple of days and the available Ooblets that can be found will change each day.

Occasionally when talking to random townsfolk, they will give you a task to bring them an item or find their missing Ooblets. These tasks can be completed whenever, although you won’t be able to talk to the person again until you complete the task.

Getting started in Ooblets

You will want to start stock piling resources as early as possible.
You will want to start stock piling resources as early as possible.

One of the first decisions you make is which club to join. There are four options, each of which will impact which Ooblet you start out with. However, you will be able to access every club eventually, though that won’t come into play until a few in-game weeks into the game.

At the start, there are three things that need to be focused on. Your main focus should be on completing the Tinstle tasks, which will unlock more areas and features as you advance. The second most important thing is getting more Ooblets. Each Ooblet comes in three rarities and you really should try to get one of each kind. Rarity is determined at the start of the day and shown to you in a list when you wake up. If the rare Ooblet isn’t on the list, it won’t appear, so you don’t need to run around looking for rare versions. The reason you need to collect as many Ooblets as you can early on is that some of the Ooblets you find around town will require you to have a large number to dance battle and possibly collect them. Within a few in-game days, some Ooblets require a party of five in order to collect them. You don’t want a rare Ooblet to appear and not be able to collect them.

The third focus you should have is on expanding your farm and collecting as many materials as possible. This will be difficult at first, since seeds cost money and you don’t have much to start with. At the seed shop, each day one type of seed will be on sale for cheap. You should buy as many seeds of whichever one is on sale. You will need materials and crops to both expand your farm, complete Tinstle tasks, and collect new Ooblets, so it’s best to start hoarding as soon as possible. You should expand your storage options as soon as possible as well, so save money up to get chests or a refrigerator from the furniture store early, so you have somewhere to put your stuff.

Spending your Wishes at the Wishy Well

As you level up you more unlocks and items will be added to the Wishy Well.
As you level up you more unlocks and items will be added to the Wishy Well.

While completing Tinstle tasks improves the town and opens up opportunities to travel to new areas, upgrading individual stores and your own farming tools will require you to spend Wishes at the Wishy Well. The Wishy Well can be found in front of Town Hall and can also be accessed from the menu. Wishes are acquired by either completing badges or by completing daily tasks. These can be used to unlock permanent upgrades, gain rare resources, or unlock recipes.

As for what you should prioritize in the Wishy Well, permanent improvements are important. You should minimize the amount of resources you purchase, since those can be acquired other ways. Upgrading stores, like the seed store or furniture store, can give you more options to purchase. You can also unlock better farming options, like sprinklers or Ooblet Coops, through the Wishy Well. You will also get the option to upgrade your stamina later on, which is a must buy as soon as possible.

More Tips

  • Your ability to sprint is directly tied to how much energy you have remaining (more energy means a longer sprint) but does not use energy.
  • You can expand your inventory space by purchasing a fanny pack or backpack from the clothing store, but you have to equip it.
  • New resources spawn every day, so make sure you do a complete lap around town each day.
  • Your cooking station has an option to pull items from nearby storage, but you have to enable it at the cooking station.
  • You can earn money by taking each new Ooblet and variant to the research center.
  • If you receive a task from the Wildlands board that you can’t complete in the given time frame, you can choose to abandon it and get a new task the next day.
  • You can only accept a limited number of Plenny’s orders at a time, but the orders themselves don’t rotate, so you can work towards completing multiple orders at once, even if you can’t accept them.
  • Each shop has a limited inventory each day, so if you need a large quantity of a specific item, you will need to come back on multiple days.
  • You can find important items, like resources or recipe fragments, inside some of the houses around town. Nobody is bothered by you snooping, so check each house out.
  • Running out of energy won’t end your day, as you can take naps to gain a small amount of energy without passing too much time.
  • Ooblet Coops are useful, because they allow your Ooblets to take care of some farming, but they only cover the plots of land touching the Coop. Getting the upgraded sprinkler will let you have a larger plot of crops that you don’t have to take care of each day.
  • If you unlock a recipe but aren’t sure what appliance you need to make it, the almanca in the menu will list what equipment you need.

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