Margot Robbie’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Script May Not Be Dead Just Yet


Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has shed new light on the Pirates of the Caribbean film that was set to star Margot Robbie but was later reportedly abandoned by Disney. Bruckheimer told Collider that the script for that movie wasn’t thrown away entirely.

“I think that that script will come forward at a certain point,” he explained.

Writers were working on the Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the same time as another film, written by Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin. The Mazin project is happening first, Bruckheimer said.

“We developed two different stories for Pirates and the other one’s going forward first, so that’s what we’re working on, to try to get that one made,” he explained.

Robbie told Vanity Fair that her Pirates movie was in the works “ages ago” and that calling it “female-led” isn’t exactly right.

“We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led–not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story–which we thought would’ve been really cool, but I guess they don’t want to do it,” she said about Disney.

Given Bruckheimer’s new comments, it sounds like the idea for Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie aren’t yet sunk to the bottom of the ocean. However, whether or not the project ever sees the light of day, and if Robbie would still star in it, remains to be seen.

As for the Mazin Pirates movie, there is no word on its plot and whether or not any characters from the original films might appear.

The Pirates series has grossed more than $4.5 billion across five films. The most recent release, 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales, had the second lowest gross of the series at $795 million.

The original Pirates movies starred Johnny Depp, but he is reportedly not involved in any of the reboot projects. He and ex-wife Amber Heard recently settled a high-profile court case, with Depp found to have defamed Heard and was ordered to pay $2 million. Heard was ordered to pay $10 million.

As for Robbie, she has a number of other projects in the works, including 2023’s Barbie movie and a new Ocean’s Eleven film, among others.

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