Madden NFL 23 Revealed With First Trailer, Release Date, And New Features Like Reticle-Based Passing


Following the cover reveal for Madden NFL 23 with John Madden gracing the box, EA Sports has now released the first gameplay trailer for this year’s simulation game and detailed what’s new.

Perhaps the biggest new feature in Madden NFL 23 is the “Fieldsense” system that EA promises will deliver “more control at all positions in every mode.” EA said this new system will help deliver “ultra-realistic gameplay,” including new animations and player control mechanics.

Madden NFL 23 also updates Face of the Franchise with a new experience called The League. There will be new position-specific mechanics and player-focused cameras. Franchise mode, meanwhile, will offer “simplified” team-building mechanics, EA said.

One element of Fieldsense involves tackles and hitting. Madden NFL 23 will have “branching technology” that, when on defense, allows players to perform moves like mid-air knockouts and the ability to jump on the pile for tackles already in progress. Players can also execute standup tackles and have more freedom to force turnovers, EA said, with the overall aim to increase realism across the board.

Madden NFL 23 will also have “360 Cuts,” which allow ball-carriers to have “more freedom and fluidity” to find the gaps to land a big run. “You can plant and go, elude defenders to break big plays, or hard cut and immediately change direction just like the best do in the NFL all using the Left Trigger/L2 and a well timed flick of the stick,” EA said.

The Fieldsense technology also includes “skill-based passing” through a new accuracy reticle and passing meter. Players will be able to manage the control and accuracy with more granularity than before with the new system. Players can revert to classic passing if they want.

“Most of the core systems in Madden have been improved this year and based on feedback from the community, three areas of foundational football have been completely tuned up including Pass Coverage, Pass Rush, and containing mobile quarterbacks,” EA said.

Madden NFL 23 launches in August
Madden NFL 23 launches in August


For Franchise mode, players can expect a variety of updates and improvements including a new staff management system, a weekly game planning system, and more advanced scouting. Franchise mode’s trade logic system has been improved, too, to better reflect realistic player values.

Playbooks, meanwhile, have been streamlined so as to not overwhelm players. “Madden NFL features a comprehensive portfolio of deep, authentic playbooks, but no coach brings their entire playbook into every game. In Madden NFL 23, you’ll have the right number of plays per playbook just like a head coach would on gameday, making it easier to find the plays you want. Each team’s playbook will be focused on the plays they are most likely to run IRL, making each team’s unique style more authentic,” EA Sports said.

In terms of visuals, Madden NFL 23 aims to offer a “new level of visual realism” in all stages of the football experience. There will be new “player-locked, 4K touchdown cameras” that aim to match what the latest NFL TV broadcasts offer. Additionally, EA says player models are better this year with a “big leap” in body types based on NFL player scans. Even player hair strands are expected to look better this year, while the focus on details goes all the way down to how towels are placed. Stadiums, too, have improved exteriors, EA said.

Madden NFL 23 launches on August 19 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as last-gen consoles. EA Play members can get started three days early, beginning August 16.

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