Impossible Xbox Achievement Removed, Seemingly By Microsoft


A previously unobtainable Achievement in farming game Homestead Arcana has been removed. The Achievement, “You Can’t Be Too Prepared,” was seemingly deleted by Microsoft after it was found to be unobtainable.

This, as discovered by Achievement website TrueAchievements, is a rare occurrence, as Microsoft seldomly ever deletes Achievements outright. The “You Can’t Be Too Prepared” Achievement required players to craft every item in the game, but the Green Ankle Boots weren’t tracking, locking players out of earning the Achievement. For a time, it was unclear if the Achievement would get fixed.

Now, the 100 Gamerscore from “You Can’t Be Too Prepared” has been allocated to other Achievements to retain the game’s overall 1,000 Gamerscore total.

Evidently, Microsoft removed the Achievement, possibly at the request of the game’s developer Serenity Forge. Bugged Achievements have appeared in games before, but typically, they’re either fixed or ignored. Achievement removal is extremely rare, so it’s unclear what went on behind the scenes in this particular situation. Perhaps it was simply easier to remove the Achievement altogether than to attempt to fix it.

Homestead Arcana launched for Xbox Series X and PC in April 2023. It received mixed reviews upon release, and currently holds a Metascore of 62 on GameSpot sister site Metacritic. It’s available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and is also featured on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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