How To Find Secret Nezarec Dialogue Across Neomuna In Destiny 2: Lightfall


When exploring Neomuna in Destiny 2: Lightfall, you may come across some muffled sounds that in-game captions call “Unintelligible Whispers.” On the Destiny Lore subreddit, one player shared that equipping Nezarec-related gear–Nezarec’s Whisper glaive works too–turns those whispers into clear dialogue.

Nezarec’s name has been around in Destiny for a long time, but recent references to this character since Season of Plunder are hard to miss. Season of Plunder also revealed that Nezarec is associated with the Lunar Pyramid on the Moon, and now, people of Neomuna in the CloudArk are having nightmares. Additionally, Tormentor names in the Lightfall campaign mention Nezarec. The Hypernet Current shares its voice, so you know that those other whispers scattered around Neomuna are also Nezarec’s voice.

Using the Nezarec's Whisper glaive to listen to secret lines in Maya's Retreat on Neomuna
Using the Nezarec’s Whisper glaive to listen to secret lines in Maya’s Retreat on Neomuna

The video shared by Myelin Games shows that you can listen to Nezarec’s dialogue in the Thrilladrome Lost Sector. Revisiting a spot in Maya’s Retreat where we first came across the whispers, we uncovered another set of lines. The Root of Nightmare raid is set to begin on March 10 and hints at Nezarec’s involvement.

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