Halo Infinite’s Community Forge Playlist Is More Popular Than Team Slayer


Halo Infinite added the much-anticipated Forge mode in November, and, despite remaining in a beta state, the map- and mode-making tools have proven to be very popular with the community. It’s also been announced that the Halo Infinite playlist containing maps and modes made by fans using Forge is the most popular in the game overall.

Developer 343 Industries has announced that as of January 2, 2023, Halo Infinite players have collectively built more than 1 million creations using Forge. Additionally, players have together logged more than 8.5 million custom game matches since the Custom Game Browser launched in December 2022. The Custom Game Browser lets people seek out and find custom game types created with Forge, and there are some really fun and unique ones out there.

Halo’s Forge tools debuted back in 2007 with Halo 3, and have been updated and improved in subsequent Halo launches leading up to Halo Infinite’s robust Forge tools.

Halo Infinite fans can check out user-made maps and modes in the Community Collection playlist, which 343 said today is actually Halo Infinite’s most popular playlist overall, beating out mainstays like Team Slayer and Big Team Battle.

343 said it has “many more plans” for Forge, including a minigame mode and new map items. Outside of Forge, Halo Infinite grows soon with the launch of the game’s biggest multiplayer update yet, Season 3: Echoes Within, which launches on March 7.

In other news, Microsoft recently laid off 10,000 people, and the cuts included nearly 100 people at 343 Industries. 343 is now reportedly shifting to the Unreal Engine to develop the Halo series.

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