Halo Infinite Finally Adds A Great Feature From MCC


343 is finally adding Match Composer to Halo Infinite, a multiplayer feature previously seen in The Master Chief Collection that makes finding a game much easier. Match Composer will launch alongside the latest Operation on June 4.

As explained in a Halo blog post, Match Composer is a feature that allows players to find very specific kinds of matches. For example, if someone is looking for Team Slayer, a 4v4 game, all they have to do is select those, and they’ll be launched into a queue looking for that specific game type.

The blog post explains that every mode will be turned on by default. So, players must turn off which game modes they don’t want to look for. It’s worth pointing out that if players are looking for a very specific game, it may take longer to find a match than someone with every mode turned on.

It’s also worth mentioning that most social playlists will have Match Composer, but players cannot use this feature when playing Ranked. Since Match Composer will not be in Ranked, the following modes will be expanded: Ranked Arena, Ranked Slayer, Ranked Doubles, and Ranked Tactical.

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