Eternal Strands Channels Shadow Of The Colossus In Debut Trailer


Eternal Strands is a new action/adventure title from Yellow Brick Games, and it looks to channel the big-boss-climbing energy of Shadow of the Colossus in its reveal trailer.

As debuted by IGN, who will have more on the title in the weeks to come as part of its April cover story, Eternal Strands comes from developer Yellow Brick Games. The team is said to be composed of various AAA game development veterans who previously worked at places like Ubisoft and Bioware, including longtime Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw.

In Eternal Strands, players will take on the role of Brynn, a magic using Weaver and one of the last of their kind after a magical cataclysm nearly destroyed their world. Alongside a group of other Weavers, Brynn embarks on a quest that will pit them against foes both big and small and which will require mastering the various spells at their disposal.

The giant, climbable boss encounters definitely look to be the star of the show, as the trailer shows Brynn climbing atop massive enemies and stabbing their weakpoints with a sword, reminiscent of the PlayStation 2 classic (which was later remade for PS4) Shadow of the Colossus. The trailer additionally highlights the ways the game’s spells can be used to interact with both enemies and the environment in interesting ways, with one boss shown being frozen in ice or Brynn taking apart pieces of the environment and throwing it at enemies with magic.

Unlike Shadow of the Colossus, which famously only features colossal bosses to defeat in its otherwise empty world, Eternal Strands will also include smaller, human-sized foes for players to battle against. The trailer shows Brynn hacking at enemies with sword and shield while also employing telekinesis magic to throw enemies at one another. According to IGN, the game channels physics-puzzles seen in games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an example of which is shown in the trailer when Brynn uses their powers to create an ice bridge in order to traverse a crevasse.

Eternal Strands is slated to arrive in 2025 and more information about the game’s worlds, characters, and its bosses will be shared in the days and weeks ahead on IGN. The game will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and can be wishlisted now.