EA’s First Baseball Game For Console In 10-Plus Years Is Out Now, And It Has No Microtransactions


After a decade-plus away, EA Sports is back in the business of baseball games on console. The lighthearted, arcade-style Super Mega Baseball 4, from EA’s Metalhead Software, is out now on console and PC.

Fans have been waiting a while, as the COVID-delayed Super Mega Baseball 3 was released back in 2020. Metalhead was acquired by EA in 2021, and some feared that the next release in the series might add some of EA’s business practices, namely microtransactions.

These fears were unfounded, as Super Mega Baseball 4 has no microtransactions (though people can spend real money to buy the stadiums that come with the game’s premium editions). Super Mega Baseball 4 costs $50, which is $5 more than Super Mega Baseball 3’s launch price in 2020.

The Ballpark Edition, meanwhile, costs $60 and includes three extra stadiums. The first, Peril Point, is out now, with Ciudad de Colores (July) and Castillo Arena (August) coming later.

Super Mega Baseball 4 features real-life retired baseball players David Ortiz and Jose Bautista, as well as legends of the game like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Randy Johnson. These real players join a roster of fictional characters like the humorously named “Hammer Longballo.”

Super Mega Baseball 4’s biggest update seems to be its presentation package, which is the biggest upgrade in that department in series history, EA said. Players can expect better animations and greater visual fidelity across the board, along with upgraded audio.

In terms of modes, players can jump into Exhibition, Franchise, Pennant Race, Season, and Online Leagues. In terms of quality-of-life updates, the game adds things like auto-walks and runners, two-way players, and customizable free agent pools, among other things.

Super Mega Baseball 4 also features a “Creators Classic League” that includes real-world baseball personalities from the likes of Jomboy Media, Mighty Goat, Shelfy, and Fuzzy.

The game is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. EA Play subscribers can try the game before buying with a 10-hour trial.

While EA is just now getting back into baseball on console, the publisher’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball series has been running on mobile for years.

EA formerly published baseball franchises like Triple Play and MVP Baseball.

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