Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Oswald


Disney Dreamlight Valley fans are no strangers to quirky characters from Disney’s roster of animated films, but few would’ve expected to see the one and only Oswald show up. This blast from the past is only available to those who purchased the A Rift in Time expansion, and we’ll tell you how to befriend him below.

How to unlock Oswald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlocking Oswald requires you to own the A Rift in Time expansion. You’ll then need to progress the expansion’s main story to Act II: The Spark of Imagination. At this point, you can accept a new quest from Merlin called “The Sunken Ruins“.

Complete “The Sunken Ruins” to find yourself facing the rather in-depth quest “A Bit of Help From Your Friends“, which itself branches into three time-consuming quests for Gaston, Rapunzel, and EVE. After completing these and working your way through the Ancient Ruins puzzles, you’ll finally meet Oswald at the bottom of the ruins.

Speak to Oswald to find out that you need to search for a way to repair the bridge lever. Look to the left of Oswald for a loud trumpet you can blow to scare an Exclamation Point out of Oswald, then pick it up and place it into the slot on the right side of the area. You can then interact with the lever to create a bridge.

Oswald is found at the bottom of the Ancient Ruins.
Oswald is found at the bottom of the Ancient Ruins.

Go down the bridge with Oswald and talk to him. He’ll drop a Question Mark, so pick that up. Afterward, search the immediate area and near the first lever for three Flying Gears you’ll need to run after and pick up. With all of that collected, go past the platform Oswald is on, clear the path ahead, and use the Timebending Table to make the Question Mark Wheel.

Place the Question Mark Wheel on the machine in the middle of the platform next to Oswald, then interact with it to create a path to another similar platform. Speak to Oswald for another Question Mark, then once again collect three Flying Gears around the ruins.

Return to the Timebending Table to craft another Question Mark Wheel and return it to the second machine. Interact with the lever here to turn the platform’s bridge once counterclockwise. Destroy the rubble here to collect Oswald’s Trumpet.

Scare Oswald to have him drop another Exclamation Point.
Scare Oswald to have him drop another Exclamation Point.

Take Oswald’s Trumpet back to the platform where he’s standing and place it on the pedestal next to the central machine. Afterward, interact with it to scare another Question Mark out of Oswald, which you can place in an empty slot on the platform.

Spin the platform two more times to position it back to its original point where the gate is closed ahead. Interact with the new lever to open the path to the Spark of Imagination. Approach it to watch a cutscene.

After the cutscene, Oswald will be roaming around Eternity Isle. Seek him out and start his quest called “Oswald’s Many Dimensions.”

For this quest, you’ll need to put on Oswald’s Fedora, as well as a black shirt and white pants. After returning to him, you’ll then need to seek out any black and white flowers around your valley. Once you’ve given him those, follow him until he stops and can be spoken to again.

After a short chat, take out your pickaxe and use it to break the sign in front of Oswald. This will break the communication barrier and allow you to finally understand each other properly.

Oswald will task you with gathering Tropical Wood x15, Coal Ore x10, and Amber x1 to craft his Oswaldian Pencil. Do so, then return to him to receive the plans for drawing his home.

The Oswaldian Pencil lets you make Oswald's house.
The Oswaldian Pencil lets you make Oswald’s house.

You can now place Oswald’s home wherever you’d like. Unfortunately, once you chat with Oswald, you’ll both agree that the house is pretty flat, so you’ll need some 3D Glasses. You can purchase these from Scrooge McDuck for 1,050 Star Coins.

Equip your fancy new 3D Glasses and head back to Oswald’s house. Interact with the sign here to complete the home and end the quest, which finally results in Oswald becoming a permanent member of your valley!

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