Childhood-Ruining Winnie The Pooh Horror Slasher Is Getting A Theatrical Release


The Winnie the Pooh horror movie, Blood and Honey, has become a viral sensation for its total absurdity and childhood-ruining trailer (see it below). In response to the film going viral, major theater chains around the world will reportedly screen the film in cinemas. Previously, Blood and Honey was only getting a VOD release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the low-budget slasher, where Pooh and Piglet go feral and kill people, will be released by Fathom Events at its theaters in the US for a one-day event on February 15. It will reportedly screen at “hundreds” of cinemas across the US that day.

Another company, Altitude, has bought the theatrical rights for the UK, and Cinemex picked the film up for a release in Mexico. In Canada, Cineplex bought the rights and will release the movie in its theaters. According to the report, “several other territories” around the world will air the movie, too.

THR went on to say that director Rhys Frake-Waterfield was able to shoot additional scenes for Blood and Honey after the movie went viral. It previously had just a 10-day shoot. Additionally, the director is a planning a sequel and another horror movie, this one based on Peter Pan. The twisted take is called Peter Pan: Neverland Nightmare, and we can only imagine what horrors are in store.

In Blood and Honey, Craig David Dowsett and Chris Cordell star as humanoid versions of Pooh and Piglet. Christopher Robin, played by Nikolai Leon, leaves them behind when he goes off to college. Pooh and Piglet turn feral, returning to their animal roots, setting out to kill people for food.

Winnie the Pooh entered the public domain at the start of 2022. This opened it up to creators to do with it as they wish, so long as their creations don’t borrow story and character elements from Disney. This is why Pooh doesn’t have a red shirt in the movie and why Tigger doesn’t appear, because he is still protected under copyright.

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